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 Digital Charger

Digital Display Intelligent 4 stage battery charger AC180V-AC250V TO DC12V 20A with full 100% continuous,four stage:1.Precharge for charge 2.constant current to charge  3.constant voltage to charge  4. trickle charge.

20A battery charger which can auto cut off when it is full chager for battery.


The battery charger use the computer intelligence design,it can auto detect the battery remain power then auto decide the charger current. When the battery is full,it can auto let the current be smaller then auto cut off to protect the battery even you forget to turn off the switch of battery charger. Also the battery can estimation the quality and volume of battery from the charger current and charging time.Then it can select the more suitable current to protect your battery well. When you charger the battery,please follow the battery voltage to use the right charging voltage,and looking attention for the positive pole and negative pole.

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